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Planted Tank by Balazs Farkas - IAPLC 2016 application
Nature Aquarium
Planted Tanks
Breathtaking view, crystal-clear water. Natural, stabile ecosystems.
Plants Sale!
High quality Green Aqua lab plants on sale - now only for EUR 2.85!
Green Aqua Lab Plants on Sale
If you have hard water, and you would like an advanced aquascape, you will need to use an RO filter to clean your water - comprehensive guide with pictures.
ADA container from Japan
The shipment of Aqua Design Amano has arrived, it has a great name, we already renamed it to "EverGreen Aqua". Our ADA stock has been filled!
Payment Methods
Paypal, Sofort banking, secure credit card acceptance, bank wire transfer. Checkout procedure is fast and easy.
Step-by-step setup guide
Step-by-step photo guide: how to build a 60 cm wide Nature Aquarium.
We will help you to identify the cause and find a solution for problems like algae, cloudy water, surface scum.
Choosing plants
How, what and where to plant? Photo guide - not only for beginners.
Running a planted aquarium is easier than you would imagine.

Green Aqua

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