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Planted Tank
Nature Aquarium
Planted Tanks
Breathtaking view, crystal-clear water. Natural, stabile ecosystems.
Dutch Plant Specialties
New Aquaflora Plants!
Get the new plant species, not available at other nurseries.
Aquaflora Plants
Images and description of the 22 fistanks in the Green Aqua Gallery in Hungary. Full list of gear and livestock used. (Click for more photos of our Contest Tanks.)
In the 10th Year of the Green Aqua we have opened our new Aquascaping Store and Gallery in Budapest. It is three-times bigger and much more advanced. Check it out!
Payment Methods
Paypal, Sofort banking, secure credit card acceptance, bank wire transfer. Checkout procedure is fast and easy.
Green Aqua Algae Guide
Do you have algae, cloudy water or surface scum? We'll help!
How much time do you have to spend on your aquarium maintenance?
What is Reverse Osmosis, and why do you need soft water for your tank?
Rotala 'Hra', Green
How, what and where to plant? Photo guide - not only for beginners.
Step-by-step photo guide: how to build a 60 cm wide Nature Aquarium.

Green Aqua

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