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Hal - Harcsa - Corydoras panda

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Unlike many other Corys the panda inhabits colder waters in the mountain region of Peru. It can be found in both clear and blackwater habitats, some of them can reach quite low temperatures when the snow melts in the mountains. Despite it's origin our warmer summer isn't a problem for this species if the water quality and oxigen saturation are good.The panda cory has a nice contrasted black and white color which looks best when kept in bigger groups. It's a peaceful comminity fish and a practical tankmate to other cool preferring fish, like neon tetras, meteor minnows or rainbow shiners. The panda cory is a bottom feeder omnivore. You can feed both quality sinking pellets or frozen. The only important thing in the setup is the quality of the substrate. The panda az every Cory is easily injured by coarse substrate. Fine sand is the best for them, but the classic aquascaper clay soils are suitable too. Since it lives in the nature plant-free and open environments it's a good addition to spacious setups with low planting. Sometimes they breed even in a community tank. They spawn in the T position typical for Loricariid catfish and they glue their egg to the tank wall. 

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Scientific name: Corydoras panda (Nijssen & Isbrücker, 1971)
Common name: Panda cory
Taxonomic group: Catfish
Origin: Peru
Habitat: Mountain streams and tributaries
Behavior: Peaceful shoaling
Diet: bottom feeder omnivore
Breeding: happens in community tanks too
Size:3-4 cm
Tank size: Minimum 40 liters
Population: 6 specimen at least
Setup: soft substrate
Temperature: 22-25 °C
pH: 6-7,6
General hardness: 1-12 GH
Lifespan: 5-10 years

Additional Info

NameHal - Harcsa - Corydoras panda
ManufacturerGreen Aqua

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