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Fish- Yellow laser cory - Corydoras aeneus CW010

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This striking Yellow Laser Cory catfish is ideal for the softwater community aquarium. It is a peaceful species that should be maintained in groups of 5 or more due to shoaling nature. A soft sand substrate is recommended in order to protect the delicate sensory barbels, and some shady planted areas should be provided. Corydoras have the ability to breathe air intestinally, so a small gap should be left between the surface of the water and the cover slides in order for the fish to come up to the surface and take air in. It may do this numerous times per day. This fish is currently thought to be one of several natural colour variants of Corydoras aeneus, although future scientific evaluations could prove it is a species in its own right. For now it is usually sold as Corydoras sp., Corydoras sp. ‘peru orange stripe’, or Corydoras aeneus var. and is also known as CW010.

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name: Corydoras aeneus (Gill; 1858)
Synonyms: Callichthys aeneus, Corydoras macrosteus, Corydoras microps, Corydoras schultzei, Corydoras venezuelanus, Hoplosoma aeneum
Common name: Bronze catfish, Bronze corydoras
Group: Catfishes
Habitat: South America; Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
Size: 6.5-7.5 cm
Biotope: Along banks of slow-moving rivers with sandy bottoms.
Social behavior: A peaceful, undemanding fish, ideal for community tanks and beginning aquariasts. Do not keep with substantially larger, aggressive fish such as large cichlids.
Diet: Omnivorous; Live, aquatic insects, white worms, Tubifex, Brine Shrimp, insect larvae, tablets and flakes are also accepted
Breeding: Easy
Tank: Minimum 80 litres
Population: 6-7 fishes for 100 litres
Decoration: These catfish like a well-planted tank with many hiding places (wood, roots, rocks). They like to burrow, so use fine gravel or sand as a substrate.
Temperature: 20-27 °C
pH: 6.5-7.5
Hardness: 1-20 NK°
Lifespan: 10-20 years

Additional Info

NameFish- Yellow laser cory - Corydoras aeneus CW010
ManufacturerGreen Aqua

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