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Fish - Barb - Sawbwa resplendens

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pH: 6.8-7.2
Temperature: 22°C - 24°C 
Hardness: 12 dH - 20 dH 
Potential Size: 3 cm
Water Region: All; This fish will cover all areas of the aquarium, and prefer a heavily planted tank, with places to hide.
Activity: Diurnal
Gender: The male has the "rummy-red" nose and red tips on his tail fins. He has a milky or blue-ish body and is a little larger than the female, who lacks the red coloration. She is typically more silver in coloration.

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 Temperament: Timid; This fish is quite peaceful in a species tank or in a community, althought the males can be nippy while competing for the attention of a female. It's suggested to keep these fish in no less than groups of six fish, preferably more. If possible, having more females than males will help keep the males from being aggressive toward one another. As these fish are quite small, they may not compete well for food in a community setting, and could easily be scared into hiding. So, a large shoal is best for these rasboras. The tank should be covered as these little fish may jump if scared.

Diet: Ominvore; As this fish is not widely available in international markets for sale, many of the specimens purchased might be 1-3 generations removed from the wild fish in Lake Inle. So, there maybe be a reluctance for them to accept flake and prepared foods. Be sure to feed the a variety of foods such as small plankton or daphnia, and a good flake. Be sure to provide food that is small enough for their tiny mouths.

Care: The Asian Rummynose will not do well in acidic waters. Their home waters in Lake Inle are highly alkaline, having a bed of calciferous rock. They are sensitive to large swings in temperature and pH so, they may not be the best fish for the beginning fishkeeper. Good quality, stable water conditions are a must for this fish.

As these are lake fish, little or no water movement is preferred. They color best when their natural habitat is replicated in a peaceful species or community tank. Other than their sensitivity to temperature and water quality, these are hardy little fish. Interesting for a cyprinid, this fish is said to be scaleless. I have also read that they have very small scales. So take care to medicate very gently only when needed, especially with meds containing copper.
pH: 6.8-7.2
Temperature: 22°C - 24°C
Hardness: 12 dH - 20 dH
Potential Size: 3 cm
Water Region: All; This fish will cover all areas of the aquarium, and prefer a heavily planted tank, with places to hide.
Activity: Diurnal
Gender: The male has the "rummy-red" nose and red tips on his tail fins. He has a milky or blue-ish body and is a little larger than the female, who lacks the red coloration. She is typically more silver in coloration.
Breeding: It seems as if these fish prefer cooler water temps in late winter in their natural habitat in order to encourage spawning. Temps between 57-64 F seem to be when they spawn most in the wild, the females leave eggs on the underside of leaves and in spawning mops. The eggs should be protected from the parents and other fish in the tank.


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NameFish - Barb - Sawbwa resplendens
ManufacturerGreen Aqua

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